Thursday, 5 May 2011

ARCH1201 - Project 2 Model


Designed for a disabled man, this house has a strong focus on the integration of circulation into the fabric of the house. The central circulation core of the house is centred around a full height bookshelf which intertwines with the elevator and stairs either side of it without separating these different vertical modes of circulation. This model illustrates the vertical and horizontal focus on the circulation and how it is linked so closely to the narrative of the people living in it.

Internal and External Spaces

This house is split into three distinct levels each with their own level of relationship between the interior and exterior. The lowest level is partly underground and encompasses a semi private living space where the exterior is acknowledged on one face of the building with a glass facade. The upper ground floor is unique in that it is entirely glazed on all sides creating a very public area where the line between interior and exterior space is blurred. The top floor is almost entirely interior and acts as the private quaters where only small round windows connect you with the exterior. The model expresses these three distinct levels with varying quantities of transparent, translucent and opaque barriers in an attempt to demonstrate the attempt to create an the most ideal environment for the disabled client.

Structural Strategy

The structural strategy is quite simply when stripped down to its basics. It allows for very few points of contact with the ground floor plane which frees up the space for dynamic cantilevers and large non structural glazed walls. There is no hidden elements of the structure with everything on display creating an honesty to the building. It is the structure that allows for the successful integration of the circulation strategy and the distinction between the interior and exterior spaces on each level. The model displays a stripped down representaion of the structural strategy and shows the flexible nature of the spaces in between.

ARCH1201 - Project 2 Progress

Monday, 28 March 2011

ARCH1201 - Project 1 Model Photos

ARCH1201 - Project 1 Drawings

Major Parts




ARCH1201 - Project 1 Progress

Model Progress

Draft layout of drawings

Preliminary study of house

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

ARCH1142: Experimental Material Modelling

Final Poster & Balsa Model

Together the poster and model express the freedom that this workshop provided by encouraging experimentation with materials which is evident in each exercise and in the overall progression of the workshop.

ARCH1142: Experimental Material Modelling

Body, Space, City - Poster & Box Board Model

The poster reflects my spacial experience in the city where I examined how the city tries to integrate itself into the harbour. The box board model is a reflection of this where I tried to promote this connection and the interactions that have resulted.